Wheels That Won The West® Springfield Collector Books
Wheels That Won The West®
Wheels That Won The West Springfield Collection
140th Anniversary - Springfield Wagon Company
These are rare, signed copies from actual Springfield Wagon Company workers!

Years ago, we were able to purchase a quantity of new/old stock, books entitled, The Old Reliable - The History of the Springfield Wagon Company by Steven Stepp. Printed in 1970, the out-of-print book is not only full of details about Springfield but also many other well-known wagon makers. Along with our own research into the company, nearly a decade ago, I had the privilege of interviewing the last two surviving workers from the Springfield Wagon Company. Each was in his 90's at the time.

As part of those video interviews, we were equally fortunate to have a dozen of these soft cover books signed by these two men as well as Mr. Stepp. These books now represent one of the last tangible connections to a company that went head-to-head with some of the toughest brand names in the business... and outlasted nearly every one of them. Offered on a first-come basis in honor of the company's 140th Anniversary this year, these rare historical reference books are available as an extremely limited opportunity. Included with each book are copies from an original 1936 Springfield, Missouri Directory listing the two men and their respective positions as a painter and shipping clerk.

These specially-signed, ultra limited supply of books are not available from any other source. Don't miss this exceptional chance to add such a significant and tangible resource to your personal collection. $75 plus $10 S/H to contiguous U.S. states. Email Us Here prior to purchase to confirm availability.