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While we’re on the subject of military vehicles (see last week's blog), I thought I’d pass along a quick review of a book published in 2009 that covers early war wagons for the U.S. military.  For those looking for solid research and accurate details on military escort wagons and other vehicles, Thomas Lindmier’s book, “The Great Blue Army Wagon,” is an excellent resource.  The subject is well laid out into multiple eras, making it extremely helpful for collectors, re-enactors, writers, historians, museums and enthusiasts.  Published by the Carriage Museum of America, the book offers well chronicled insights into colors and designs as well as a multitude of specifications that haven’t readily been available in the past.  The work even includes military harness information.  Mr. Lindmier was involved in years of research that ultimately took him all the way to the Smithsonian Archives.  The finished piece is a book that instantly found a home among the trove of reference materials in our Wheels That Won The West® Archives.
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