Happy Birthday America!

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As we celebrate the 237th birthday of ournation, it seems appropriate to share another anniversary coming up nextyear.  2014 will mark 250 years since thefounding of St. Louis, Missouri.  It’s animportant milestone for many reasons, including the city’s role as the ‘Gatewayto the West’ during 19th century travel.   
Recognizing St. Louis’ connection to so many earlywagon and carriage makers, Farm Collector magazine has scheduled one of myoriginal articles to be published in their October 2013 issue.  Whether you’re a collector, enthusiast, orjust looking for more information on early wagon makers like Weber & Damme,Gestring, Luedinghaus, Espenschied, Murphy, and Linstroth, this piece willlikely be of interest. 
I’ll share a bit more about the piece just prior toits release.  In the meantime, we wisheach of you a wonderful holiday and safe travels during your July 4thcelebrations.  We’d also like to take amoment to thank all the men, women, and families of our military.  From times past to today, we salute and honoryou for your service.  May God bless you asyou stand in the gap, protecting all we hold dear.      

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