National Treasures - A Studebaker Survivor

Published by: David Sneed, Wheels That Won The West® Archives, LLC
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From north to south and east to west, America’s early western vehicles still turn heads and add legendary atmosphere to any gathering.  It’s a powerful legacy that has many folks always looking for the ideal wood-wheeled icon. 

One of the rarest discoveries we’ve seen to date is this documented 1878 Studebaker with original paint, logos and serial number.  Put in some perspective, when this piece was built, America was barely 100 years old, the great western cattle drives were still taking place and Billy the Kid, the Younger gang and Jesse James were all making headlines. 

After consulting with multiple historians, collectors and officials with the National Studebaker Museum in South Bend, Indiana, this find is believed to be the earliest, original condition, production-built Studebaker known to exist.
It’s great to see such important pieces of our past being found and preserved for future generations.  Ultimately, it’s even more encouraging to know that there are still valuable pieces of America’s early history waiting to be discovered!
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