2015 – A Maker’s Story

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What better subject to share in a New Year’s Eve blog than a review of a new calendar?  We recently received Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop’s latest 12 month composition.  In our opinion, the folks from South Dakota have outdone themselves this time.  The oversized project is packed with full color and early images while also highlighting conservation, restoration, and reproduction work done within their shops.

Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop’s 2015 calendar provides a unique look at a number of rare vehicles.

For horse drawn vehicle enthusiasts the calendar showcases a wide variety of vehicles; from farm, freight, ranch, military, and business wagons to several stage coaches, a fire cart, giant logging wheels, and a bob sleigh. Alongside the contemporary photos of the finished projects, the Hansen team has added period photos and historical informationto the profiles.  It occurred to me that, like so many catalogs produced by vehicle builders in the 19th and early 20th centuries, this calendar is also a maker’s story; in this case, it’s a reflection of modern day work with an authentic connection to America’s roots. 

We were pleased to assist the Hansen team with one project in particular during 2014 – the restoration of a rare transitional John Deere wagon.  You can learn a little more by reading about the project on the inside back cover of this calendar. 

As we turn the corner into 2015, we’re looking forward to the privilege of sharing even more and wish each of you a blessed and Happy New Year.

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