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Published by: David Sneed, Wheels That Won The West® Archives, LLC
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What’s it worth?  When it comes to vintage wagons and western vehicles, this may be the most common question we all hear.  It’s a query laden with challenges because no matter how similar a set of vehicles may appear on the surface, no two are exactly the same.  Complicating the matter even more, poorly appraised or non-supported asking prices (too high or too low) are sometimes assumed to be the same as actual confirmed values. 
In Volume One of our book series, Borrowed Time – A Tribute to the Wheels that Built the American West, we introduced the first-ever profile of what we believe are the typical value-drivers of these early wood-wheeled vehicles.  Within that bonus feature, a dozen elements are highlighted and explored.  While ‘condition’ and ‘confirmed originality’ are two themes crucial to collector-quality vehicles, each of the twelve points, when carefully considered, can be of tremendous assistance in helping determine the most rewarding purchases. 
Clearly, not every old set of wheels will grow in value at a pace consistent with the best pieces.  That’s why it’s important to look closely and knowledgeably in every circumstance.  On the flip side of the same coin is the subject of how to best care for your vehicle to help protect and grow its value.  We’ll share more on that topic later in this blog. 
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