Springfield & Schuttler

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While we’re on the subject of Peter Schuttler and that brand’s relationship to the Springfield Wagon Company, I thought it might be pertinent to share a few images recently passed on to us by Doug Hansen of Hansen Wheel and Wagon Shop in Letcher, South Dakota. 
For years, I’ve looked for surviving examples of Schuttler-labeled wagons built by Springfield.  After all, we know the transitional history of the brand (see last week’s post) and I have catalogs from Springfield showing the Schuttler-branded vehicles they offered.  In spite of that awareness though, I’d never seen one until Doug relayed these images of a wagon he ran across. 
From all indications (there are numerous ‘blended’ features from Schuttler & Springfield), this Schuttler wagon appears to be one of the intermediary vehicles built by Springfield shortly after their acquisition of the Schuttler brand in the mid 1920’s. 
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