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Earlier this year, I posted a few images of an early Peter Schuttler brand child’s wagon and commented on the rarity of these pieces.  Coincidentally, a few days after posting the blog, I was contacted by a gentleman indicating he had another of these scarce vehicles.  It was a pleasure to see the wagon as so few of these miniature Schuttlers have survived.  As an added bonus, this particular piece is largely complete with strong levels of original paint and several accessories – including the original wheel nut wrench.  That’s amazing!
We’re currently working on Volume 2 of the “Borrowed Time” series of western vehicle history books and will showcase more about this and many more aspects of the legendary Peter Schuttler company in that book.  Stay tuned for additional details on this growing and exclusive library of western history resources.  With such a strong archive of early vehicle imagery and information, our Wheels That Won The West® collection continues to serve as a popular and authoritative asset for historians, writers, archeologists, museums, collectors and enthusiasts the world over.
If you’d like more details on acquiring a limited edition copy of Volume 1 of “Borrowed Time,” visit our website at www.wheelsthatwonthewest.com  As word has spread about this work, fewer copies are remaining.  So, don’t miss your opportunity to make this first edition, first volume part of your collection.  As the different volumes are introduced, you’ll want to ensure you have them all. 
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