Memorial Day Weekend 2014

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Week in and week out, I spend a lot of time talking about early western vehicles. It’s the kind of rare history that takes us back to our roots as a nation. Like many others, I enjoy learning and sharing these parts of our past. The subject is deeply connected with our heritage and consistently points to the sacrifice and struggles of a young nation.  While the values of many of these early western wheels continue to grow, there are other possessions we hold that too often go undervalued.  In addition to the blessing of life itself, the most prized possessions we have in America are freedom and the opportunity to pursue our dreams.  They’re precious gifts secured by generations of brave men, women, and families who put honor and country ahead of self.

Freedom, after all, isn’t free.  It has a high cost.  Over the last several years, we’ve been harshly reminded how costly and fragile freedom is. Countless Americans have given everything they have to preserve that privilege for you and me.  Many are still in harm’s way.  This weekend is part of our nation’s salute to so many who have sacrificed so much for this amazing country.  Memorial Day in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave is a time to pause, reflect, and express our appreciation for their bravery, commitment, selflessness, and readiness to stand in the gap, defending what we hold dear. 
To all those who have served and those who continue in service to this great nation – Thank you.  Thank you for your time.  Thank you for your courage.  Thank you for your sacrifice.  You are not unnoticed.  You are our heroes; the very essence of liberty and guardian of innumerable dreams.  May God bless you and continue to bless America.

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