The Ultimate Insult?

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For collectors and fans of the legendary Peter Schuttler wagon brand and the quality vehicles built by the company, learning how the name was used later on may seem a bit unpleasant. Many are aware that the Springfield Wagon Company in Springfield, Missouri acquired the rights for the Schuttler name after the Chicago company closed in 1925. Fewer are familiar with all the ways the name was used afterward.
While Springfield certainly branded some wagons as Schuttler, they also identified one of their gears as the Schuttler “Donkey”. Clearly, this was intended to help grow sales and distribution as a sister product to Springfield’s “Missouri Mule” wagon gear. But, with such a strong western history and immensely powerful reputation, being labeled as a ‘donkey’ seems a bit over the top today. No doubt, at the time, the resilience and strength of the four legged animal was likely meant to be a compliment and selling feature. Go figure.
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