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I had the privilege of attending another ACWA Chuck Wagon competition this past weekend. With the beautiful Ozark Mountains and changing fall colors as thebackdrop, there was a strong public turnout for this event in Mountain View,Arkansas.  Legendary wagon brands likeJohn Deere, Newton, Mandt, Weber, and Peter Schuttler were set up with crewsfeeding hundreds of enthusiastic attendees.
Donnie & Jo Daniels, Running D Wagon
Not only was it a great opportunity to showcaseAmerica’s unique western heritage but, anytime there’s a gathering of vintagewagons, it’s also a good chance to learn about these vehicles.  Whether we’re evaluating a vehicle’scompetitive strengths or simply talking to the owners about the history of aspecific wagon, there’s always plenty to explore on these unique wheels.
Jerry Maxwell, Cow Camp Wagon
The wagon crews were judged on a variety of frontsincluding their Dutch oven preparation of bread, beans, meat, potatoes, and dessert,as well as separate evaluations of the wagons. Competitors came from as far away as Iowa and Georgia as well as anequally strong contingent of wagons from Arkansas.
Tom Elliott with Cheryle, Jamie, and Cody, Bar-E Wagon
When it comes to top honors, the Running D camp, headedup by Donnie and Jo Daniels of Harrison, Arkansas, took home first place fortheir meat as well as beans.  The PrairieMills crew, from Iowa, took the top position for potatoes and bread.  The winning dessert was awarded to Ozark BullWhackers of Beebe, Arkansas while Tom Elliott and the Bar-E crew from Clinton,Arkansas earned top honors with their wagon. The overall award went to Ozark Bull Whackers.

Arlin Sigmon, Prairie Mills Wagon
We had a good time with the participants and wouldlike to congratulate all of the competitors and winners.  
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