Rare Fish Bros. Wagon

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With such a large archive of rare imagery and primary source information, we regularly receive numerous questions related to early wagons and western vehicles.  It’s allowed us the great privilege of assisting individuals and organizations all over the world.  One of our projects earlier this year involved helping the wonderful folks at OFS (Furniture) Brands to identify, date and authentically re-create the period-correct paint and graphics for an original Fish Bros. Wagon built in Clinton, Iowa…  (Yes, Fish Bros. was also in Racine, Wisconsin but that’s another – very large – story)

Doug Hansen and his team of craftsmen from Hansen Wheel & Wagon did an outstanding job transforming this paint-less, ca. 1905 wagon, replicating the original, fresh-from-the-factory colors, striping and authentic artwork.  Exclusive period-accurate imagery, artwork and information from our Wheels That Won The West® Archives were used to help ensure the vehicle’s historical accuracy in every detail.

This rare, Fish Bros. boot-end bed wagon now resides at the OFS Brands’ Cool Springs facility in Indiana. 
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