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Whether we’re talkin’ broughams, cabriolets,phaetons, buggies, driving wagons, or any number of carriage styles, thesubject of horse drawn vehicles can become easily muddied with the sheerdiversity of descriptive labels.  Insimilar fashion, the names of wagons and western vehicles can also be a bitperplexing from time to time.  As proofof that statement, consider the fact that the term ‘Concord’ was used topromote both heavy and lighter stage coach designs.  A ‘Mountain wagon’ can relate to two totallydifferent types of conveyances, each used in the West.  A Dearborn and Jersey wagon share numeroussimilarities.  And while a ‘Road wagon’can refer to a mid-sized, dead-axle freight wagon, it can also accurately describe a lightbuggy set on springs.  Individually andcollectively, it all can add up to a passel of confusion.

Further emphasizing the challenges with names, somevehicle monikers are regional in nature and others carry titles appliedpredominantly by the maker.  One of theplaces that can help clear up some of the confusion is the original literature,itself.  With that in mind, we thoughtwe’d share an illustration from the Wheels That Won The West® archives.  Take a look at the image above.  Can you name this style of vehicle?  I’ll give a couple of hints.  It’s a plate from a major maker and thevehicle name was aligned with the southwest region of the U.S.   Drop us a line if you believe you have theanswer.  We’ll give credit to any correct answers received prior to next week’s blog post.  Good luck.
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