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Sometimes it’s hard to keep a secret… especially when elements of legendary western history that have heretofore gone unreported are part of that disclosure.  There’s an excitement in those discoveries, though, that naturally creates enthusiasm for sharing details.  For those who have honored us with a commitment to the first volume of our new western vehicle book series, I’m confident next year’s edition showcasing Volume 2 will create an especially high level of intrigue.  As part of that commitment to our customers, we’re already working on ways to reward your patronage of the first volume with special considerations on follow-up orders for Volume 2. 
One of the great aspects of our library of original vehicle images is that it is a living archive with regular additions and discoveries.  To that point, within some of our more recent acquisitions is an original cabinet card showing an ox train pulling Peter Schuttler brand freight wagons.  The location of the late 1870’s western image was captured on a well-known and historic part of the American frontier (we’ll share more in the book).  Ultimately, the timeframe, itself, is such a significant period within America’s western legacy that it gives me pause every time I peer into the photo.  Combined with numerous other ultra-scarce images of Peter Schuttler freight wagons and ranch wagons as well as farm and emigrant wagons, this next book in the series is sure to be a strong reference for years to come. 
While Volume 2 is slated to feature the most coverage of the legendary Schuttler brand to date, other sections of the upcoming book are also scheduled to include more profiles of different makers and vehicle types as well as technology, vintage photo essays and much more.  Clearly, the upcoming edition will have numerous vehicle details not generally available to western enthusiasts and we’re pleased to share so many rare elements previously unseen by contemporary audiences.  Thank you, again, to all who have added the first Volume of this series to their collection.  As the only series exclusively devoted to wagons and western vehicles, we remain committed to helping shed even more light on such an important part of America’s western frontier. 

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LAST CALL… As of this posting, there are only a few copies of the first “Borrowed Time” book still available and we recommend you obtain yours now before Volume One is out-of-print.  (Due to this extremely limited quantity, please email us first to ensure availability prior to order) 
Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas season.
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