You Never Know… Following the Road to a Studebaker Mountain Wagon

Published by: David Sneed, Wheels That Won The West® Archives, LLC
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As I’ve shared in previous articles and blogpostings, vigilance is important to historians and collectors of vintagevehicles.  You never know where somethingimportant may show up.  You never knowwho might help lead you to those clues. You never know how soon you might run across something extremelyintriguing and… You never know what you might find if you’re simply watching atthe right time.  You just never know.
Such are the stories that have repeatedly happenedto me over the last 20 years… experiences that one-by-one have consistentlyopened doors to some of the rarest vehicle history this country everproduced.   From our discovery of anexceptionally scarce and documented 1878 Studebaker with a significant amountof original paint to personal business correspondence written by legendarywagon maker, Joseph Murphy, himself, there are countless experiences I couldrelate of doors being opened.  The maineffort it took was simply this… a true commitment to seeking answers. It’s a pointthat reminds me of numerous experiences I’ve encountered during my research andtravels.  (Click Here to see more images and information on this Studebaker discovery) 

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