Can You Identify This Buckboard?

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A few weeks ago, we highlighted some ofthe challenges with identifying western vehicle types.  (See October 9, 2013 blog)  In that post, we profiled an Arizonabuckboard built by Studebaker.  In doingsome further research, we’ve uncovered a number of additional buckboardstyles.  So many, that the perception ofa ‘simple’ buckboard could easily become a misnomer.

Understanding that western buckboardscame in a variety of styles, below is another image showcasing one of thesevehicles.  Can you provide the propername for this specific buckboard?  We’llgive you a hint by relaying that this, as with our October 9th blog, was alsobuilt by Studebaker.  Looking forward tohearing from you and, as with the last post, we’ll be happy to credit allcorrect answers.

Good luck! 

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