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From wagons specifically built to carry beer,livestock and furniture to other patterns engineered for fighting fires,hauling coal, and delivering milk, the early transportation industry seemed tohave a vehicle for every purpose.  Roadbuilding, landscaping, and forestry-related designs were no exceptions.  While reviewing a number of different vehiclepatents, we ran across this one highlighting a wagon gear built to help movetrees.
Dating to 1889, this custom set of wheels was meantto help transport and transplant mature trees. The rear section of this design is configured to provide optimum supportand care for the tree while touting a low-slung, ultra-stable wheel base with optimummaneuverability.  Specialty vehicles likethis unique dray would not have been built in great quantities and, if any fromthis patent were built, it’s likely that few, if any, have survived. 

If you know of a specially-purposed, wood-wheeledvehicle you’d like to see profiled here, drop us a line at  We’d enjoy hearing from you.
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