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We recently received a notice from the National Stagecoach & Freight Wagon Association that they will be holding their 6th Annual Conference in Virginia City, Montana from July 10th - 14th, 2013. The gathering will include a tour of the Nevada City wagon collection along with a number of feature-length vehicle presentations and many more activities.
As a bonus, Virginia City will also be celebrating their 150th Anniversary and, with so many plans in place, the event promises to capitalize on a wealth of western history.  Visit the NSFWA website for more details at

While we're on the subject of notices, we also received word from another group out west of an upcoming event.  As part of that update, we'd like to send our congratulations to Chandler, Arizona as they celebrate their centennial this year.  Presented by the Chandler Museum, this free admission fun-for-all features a world of activities including a chuck wagon cookoff between ten historic wagons and cooks in period attire, live music, blacksmithing, riata making, candle dipping, wagon rides, historic home tours and more.  Meals cooked on the chuck wagons are just $10 but, you may want to arrive early to make sure you get a ticket.  They tend to go fast at these types of gatherings.
For more details on the Chandler Centennial Celebration and the November 10th cookoff, visit their website at or give them a call at 480-782-2717. 
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