Wheels That Won The West® Legacy Collection
Wheels That Won The West®
Wheels That Won The West Classic Collection
Representing some of the very best preserved, most original western-style wheels, the vintage horse drawn vehicles in the Wheels That Won The West® “Legacy Collection” typify what new or nearly new vehicles would have looked like in the 1800’s or early 1900’s. Generally, this elite Legacy level is looked upon as the top surviving examples of America’s vintage western-style vehicles. These wheels ….

1. Reflect extremely high levels of fit, finish, and usability

2. Carry all or virtually all of the original paint or if restorative paintwork/pin striping/coatings are present, it has been professionally and tastefully applied while also reflecting a documented and original manufactured style of the particular brand.

3. Hardware is original or a period brand duplicate.

4. Vehicles are limited to restored and unrestored original pieces.

5. While these vehicles may show signs of use, they still maintain usable status.

6. Gear and/or body elements are original or of original design and matched to each other.

7. The brand name of the vehicle is known and confirmed

8. Original “accessory” features such as seat, singletrees, doubletree, tongue, wheel wrench, etc. are also present.

Check back often as we are continually adding to this virtual Internet collection of quality vintage western-style vehicles. If you have a horse drawn vehicle you believe would fit within one of the three categories listed, email us at info@wheelsthatwonthewest.com We’ll review your submission and let you know if your rig is eligible as the next addition to this prominent on-line collection. There’s no cost and we’d love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by!

*All three (3) categories – Classic, Showcase, and Legacy – are listed as a courtesy to readers and elements may change without notice.