Charter Oak

Great Collector Piece

» Rare barn find in incredible, original condition. 

» Legendary brand

» 44 x 48 wheels

» 2" narrow tires

» This wagon was used extremely sparingly. The tires still have crisp, hard edges and the felloes have minimal wear. 

>> Still includes majority of primer inside the box and on the floor. This is also a mark of a near-new, old-stock wagon. Also, still retains some original wheel size stenciling on inside of felloes - Very rare to see this level of remaining factory paint. The UV of the sun has faded some paint on the lower left side of the wagon and there are a few worm holes on the gear but the age and small imperfections don't take away from the incredible scarcity and quality of this piece. 

» Includes original tongue, footboard, doubletree & singletrees, stay chains, spring seat, box tighteners, anti-spreader chains, & more!

» Serious inquiries only. Period wagons in this condition are rare and almost never for sale. Contact for more details

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