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A Little Background on Our Archives…

America’s early vehicle builders numbered in the tens of thousands. The industry was composed of a huge assortment of makers; from aspiring entrepreneurs and blacksmith shops with minimal outputs to massive factories finishing a new vehicle every six minutes.

Today, it’s hard to imagine the sheer number of product and design variances from those early times. The subject is massive and its study can be a maze of questions and conundrums. Nonetheless, properly preserving and showcasing this wheeled western history requires that we go beyond best guesses and undocumented assertions when describing surviving vehicles.

Wheels That Won The West Records And ResearchFor more than two decades, we’ve been devoted to unraveling the history and mysteries of America’s early wooden wheels. That commitment has helped us build an epic profile of these horse drawn icons through extensive compilations of original literature, advertising, photos, ledgers, business correspondence, books, and other primary source materials. We’re fortunate to have the privilege of uncovering so much western vehicle history.

From timeframes of manufacture to originality evaluations and brand identifications, our Archives and experience have been called upon by archaeologists, museum designers, curators, collectors, vehicle builders, writers, businesses, reenactors, and others around the world. With a backdrop of files spanning nearly two centuries, we’re committed to delivering the most trusted historical documentation available. Below are a few popular segments of our services. Feel free to drop us a line if you have questions. We’d enjoy hearing from you.

  • Vehicle Appearance Consultation for Restoration & Conservation Work… Benefiting from extensive, commercially-managed properties including rare period-correct brand logos, striping designs, color schemes, design specifications, stencil documentation, and accessory details, the Wheels That Won The West® Archives are unmatched in their broad coverage of early American wagons and western vehicles.

  • Wheels That Won The West Records And Research
  • Authentication Services… Authentication of a period vehicle involves close examination of the overall look as well as individual components of a piece - the ultimate purpose being to determine remaining levels of originality within the parts of a particular set of wheels. Vehicles accepted for this noteworthy process undergo detailed inspections with first hand comparisons to original manufacturer documents and specifications. Moving beyond unsubstantiated, verbal assurances of a vehicle’s historical integrity, a seal of authenticity from the Wheels That Won The West® Archives means your set of wheels has endured the test of time, remaining consistent with the manufacturer’s design for a particular period. As such, our documentation sets your vehicle apart as a true reflection of an original work.

  • Wheels That Won The West Records And Research
  • Research, Writing, & General Consultation… From assistance with vehicle descriptions for insurance purposes to projects involving provenance discovery, story consultation, museum interpretation, or general research, we’re well-positioned to assist with a wide range of projects.

  • Brand Identification Work… When no obvious maker clues exist, brand identification can be difficult to resolve with certainty. It’s one of the reasons we have such a passion for research and regularly publish some of the findings. Our introductory article to this intricate evaluation process first ran in the April 2009 issue of Farm Collector magazine. This work remains the only resource of its kind. Confirmed brand identity is an important factor to consider as it often impacts the areas of provenance, vehicle interpretation, authentication, and resale value.
  • Timeframe of Manufacture – Some of the most challenging early vehicle evaluations are those involving assessments of when a vehicle was originally created. Our exclusive access to thousands of original documents and period images provides us with exceptionally rare insights into what a particular brand was doing during certain timeframes. That, coupled with additional proprietary files outlining the introduction of specific technologies, allows us to proceed with the strongest available levels of clarity and confidence.

  • Primary Source Photography – From broadcast television and documentary projects to magazine, website, and event promotion needs, the Wheels That Won The West® Archives are filled with exclusive and rarely seen views of America’s first transportation empire. The materials offer unparalleled insights into an extraordinarily advanced and extremely competitive industry.

  • Special Event Presentations – Wheels That Won The West Records And ResearchDavid Sneed has been privileged to speak to numerous groups throughout the U.S. He has made presentations to audiences at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Wyoming, Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia, the Santa Ynez Historical Museum in California, Cowgirl Hall of Fame in Texas, National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma, Wyoming State Fair, and more! Our presentations on America’s early western vehicles can range from 30 minutes to several hours in length.

  • Pre-Purchase Assistance & Evaluations… The early wood-wheeled vehicle industry produced millions of wagons over a timeframe of roughly two centuries. In many instances, the need to confirm authenticity, originality, and collector desirability levels is of great importance. Special vehicles deserve special attention with documentable results. It’s a place where our files and experience can often be of assistance.

    Wheels That Won The West Records And Research